Time flies superfast!

Especially when it comes to childhood! My childhood seems to be just here yesterday and I am already witnessing my toddler! Well, it’s sad to realise that soon this too shall be over and my own son will be going through the everyday chase in life, I just wish his journey is much more successful than his parents.

Looking back at the college days, makes me so much more nostalgic for the great times we had, the fun that we created out of nothing and the careless attitude we dared to have having no idea what holds in cards for us! We all did pretty well, earning well and living well with spouses and now most of us have kids! All this happened so soon that most of us have almost lost touch, who were always together once.

Life filters out the people in your life, and over the years we are left with the best ones to go back to whenever we can or when it is destined. I am so glad that I have a few bestest of them and it will not be a problem to knock at them at any hour or phase of life. They are here to love me, guide me, teach me fun and add flavor in my life.

one family friend told me once that growing up is the most beautiful process, and you won’t regret that! She was so true! Although I am sad that i couldn’t catch and keep the best moments in life, I have evolved so much over the years by my own mistakes, others behaviour and simply by doing what I can in the best of my ability. It’s been a lovely journey, touchwood.

as time flies some fears also grip you, like losing a loved one. I think this is the most dreaded fear one can have but something we can not help in any way except for showing our love and compassion at every opportunity. There should not be any regrets later!

God bless! ciao!


About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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