The pressures of being a Perfect parent!

More often than not I judge myself on my parenting, and am sure each one of us do! That’s human nature!

my 3 year old is the sweetest to handle my mood swings that sometimes make no sense but he stands by me. I guess kids are made that way to be cute in all situations. Whether you are juggling through a tough time or a bad sleep, they are always ready with a smile and a question mark….what happened mumma!

only recently my son has started understanding why I might get angry, until few months back my anger was of no use. He would just ask me what are you angry mumma? And there you go…a melted heart with all the live comes back to the little sweetheart who might have spoilt your hardwork of hours but nevertheless he is just a baby! His innocence takes away all the pressures, anger, frustration.

Compared to his calm and composed nature, I am always thinking whether am doing justice to the little one in guiding him and taking care of him. his eyes are so full of love and warmth that they make me cry everytime am upset with his curiosities! But then, this is what makes a relationship I think. It’s difficult to show anger to a child but sometimes it becomes essential to show the right way or they consider the wrongs as rights.

Thank god, showing the big eyes make all the work easy for me, so far so good. god bless me nd my baby!

About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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