AN awesome Europe trip!

Finally after months of planning and speculations, we have happily concluded our Europe trip. This trip was so good that I am not left with any aspiration of visiting any other continent soon. It was like a dream come true, thanks to my hubby who agreed to splurge on my insistence and we totally enjoyed it with our toddler.

We went to Rome, Paris, Switzerland with just 2 days in each place and in between 2 days for traveling between cities. A relaxed trip with no hurries to catch a chore or a bus/train or a phone call. We were totally out of mobile network and didn’t miss it even for a second. I guess this added to the carefree flavour of our journey. There was no one to answer to except ourselves.

I wish to get into another such extravaganza  in Europe again, haven’t known any other place in the map as beautiful as this continent offers. Mix of history, architecture, romance, fun, magic, and all that your heart might have kept inside for as long as you know. Its unbelievable how beautiful these countries were, their cleanliness, law and order, everyday management of little things that matter the most, simply everything took our hearts! We were fortunate to have a flawless trip, the French, Italians, and Swiss people were so nice to us.

One Italian lady even carried our suitcase right to the taxi because we had our son in my arm and my husband could not have made it on time for the connecting train, had she not helped us. Nothing more incredible and memorable than this. Hats off to her simplicity and authenticity! Her boyfriend even got us the cab which we couldn’t have managed for the short distance that we intended to take. This has a great learning for us too. Tourists take away your behaviour with them as they go back to their hometown. It reflects the country, people and their general attitude. I do hope to meet her again someday!

I say Thank God I went even if it meant spending a good amount, its all worth every penny! Its a lifetime of happy memories that we have created, the thousands of pictures that speak a million words about the splendour of these places. Even if I forget everything, Europe is something that will not go away from my mind and heart ever!


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I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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