The Reason to Live!

Many a times when I am head over heels after getting something, I stop by to think how far is this going to take me! Is this the reason to live?

Its really amazing that we all know we have to meet the soil at the end of the road, but still we keep on struggling day in and day out to make our lives better, each passing day. This also means that we tend to ignore the little pleasures in life, or the lack of time takes away a few good cherishable moments had we not been running after our aspirations.

I don’t mean that we should not try to make lives better or to stop working hard! We must take out time to do some introspection as to where all this taking us to. Are we really reaching the right place? Have we lost something on the way?

Look for ways to catch up again on important people in your lives, your parents, friends, kids, spouse, neighbours and colleagues and what not! Once in a while do things that you really wanna do to just make yourself happy and no one else. Just like a child does. His first priority is himself because for him the world is you and him, no one in between. For us, its way complicated than one can ever explain.

So you never know what is in hold for tomorrow, live today and plan for a good tomorrow in synergy with present.

Take care!

About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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