Is Fidelity a rare commodity?

Well, I am new to the word infidelity, though now a days i am getting acquainted with the term more often than not, thanks to the liberalisation in relationships. can just wish and   hope my partner n me always stay away from experiencing infidelity!

i fail to understand why would one go for hiding somewhere when they are mature adults and when they know that such truth comes out in the open sooner than later. You have to be really lucky to get away with two birds always. It can be a man or woman.

unfortunately I am getting to hear more such behaviour from the male side and heart goes out to the woman who keeps her faith and trust and love dedicated towards that one person, who clearly doesn’t understand or deserves such a pure relationship. what can be the best punishment for such men/women?

I think any punishment is lesser than the agony that the other half of the couple goes through. It’s not easy to move on, when one is used to cling on and be caring and loving for that person day in and day out.

Whose fault is it? Are these affairs happening more and more in our times or this is a natural instinct of using opportunities. Is the other half responsible for not keeping upto the expectations of the spouse or because this better half has always been vulnerable to be taken for granted.

Being good and being dependable, helpful, understanding – all things qualities are often mistaken for weakness and hence the misuse of the position in a relationship occurs. Being a human being, it’s most easy to keep your heart on the sleeves. What separates you from a dog is how to keep the sleeves open only with your spouse/partner.

If only this was easy to be understood by the trespassers of relationships. May god bless them with some wisdom, and may god bless their better halves with the strength to punish them and teach them a good life lesson!

About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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