Denials in Love!!

Love is in its true form and fantasy makes us deny so many truths of life. Its not just the Love between lovers but in any relationship, we tend to overlook a few truths that will break our hearts even if for a temporary phase.

Now-a-days my grandmother is keeping pretty unwell and we as a family cannot accept that the time for her departure is near. Especially my dad who is trying his best to keep her going with whatever possible. Speaking to docs for a better therapy, talking to her to involve her in discussions, mom is trying her best from the kitchen side where she is cooking whatever the granny’s stomach can digest. Its really painful to see a person’s life suffering so much without any illness. Or that the soul is trying to leave the world but the body is not yet ready for it!!

Although at 85 we understand her limitations but its all the more difficult to absorb the fact that once a firm and almost stubborn woman is now not even able to speak clearly for herself. This also makes me realize how we cannot control everything in life, when it has something to offer, you simply cannot reject it. Be it a beautiful evening or harsh wind.

For me its like life has come a full circle, had a baby two years back, and enjoying every moment of his growth. On the other side, am an audience to another family member ready to leave us forever, sooner or later! It does teach you that life is too short to be lived with anger and enemity. Everyone has to go through the seven phases of life, so being good in the younger days will carve a happier life for the old age.

With a heavy heart I close this post with the hope of a recovery for my granny!


About Hope

I write on my several blogs on topics that touch life everyday. The most inspiring being the time I spend with my son!!
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