New day today!

Today my son will restart his school after summer vacations. Wonder where the two months went by and it’s time for him to join a new school, make new friends and learn many new things.

I will miss him dearly for all the chit chat he does from the moment he is awake and the discussions we do for the minute things in life.

On the other hand, I am looking forward to redesigning or say realigning my life’s track that got lost in the last few years. When you realise that no one except your child waits for you and looks forward to you, it pinches so hard that you want to jump out of the place only to never cone back. Alas, we cannot always do this.

Challenges and opportunities strike together, and am hopeful that this time I will get hold of that hidden opportunity that will redefine my life ahead and bring out the happier me for the sake of my son and my happiness.

I am sure we all go through such a phase when nothing looks right, when all we experience is give but no take. I believe time passes fast and as a friend told me end of the tunnel is darkest. So waiting for the light to feel better real soon.

May all of us be blessed with wisdom and happiness.


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My son asks again!


Another cute query pops up!!

Originally posted on Of Cuddles and Cries:

Every now and then I refer to my childhood while correlating my son’s experiences with our own, real or unreal doesn’t matter.

Yesterday he asks us, tell me who was my mumma papa when you were small?

That came quite unexpectedly and made us smile for a long time, and am posting it here too so that in future as well I can smile at my curious lil prince’s intriguing questions. Lest I forget.


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My son asks…

Day before my inquisitive son comes to us and asks this interesting question that even I never thought of, probably because it’s too obvious for us grown ups!

The question was why doesn’t cheese melt into milk?

I found this a very thought provoking one for his age. Answered him in details and hopefully I succeeded in satisfying his curious little mind.

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the mighty summer vacations (activity pics inside)!!

Originally posted on Of Cuddles and Cries:

My son’s summer vacations started about 3 weeks back. In the midst of packing up the house and moving to a new location, keeping him busy was of utmost importance.

Every morning he would wake up and laze around and then tell me mumma there is nothing to do!

He doesn’t seem to notice then hundreds of toys lying in his toy room, the several kinds of colours waiting to be used, the skates, scooter and the drawing books. Everything looked boring to him.

Thanks to facebook, whatsapp and the know it all internet its easy to Get engrossed in theseajd.let the child watch TV or videos.

As a SAHM the responsibility is manifolds because of your own high expectations out of your lil child and also to prove it to the hubby who does not leaveany opportunity to comment on how your child has been groomed at home, no…

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surrendering to wisdom!!

When we are kids, we dream of becoming our parents with the notion that we will know it all just like them and no one will ever tell us what to do.  We will be the only masters around and be the ruler of our lives (at least).

Back to present and we know that most of what we thought was a beautiful illusion that is better left at that for that age or the entire growing up phase until you realise that not one but several factors control our lives.

Of course we can steer our destiny with the right decisions and right circumstances, nevertheless there will be moments when all we need is wisdom that can show UA the light at the end of the tunnel. We seek that wisdom all around and many a times undermine the fact that it could be lying closer than we thought.

Our family, especially parents who have nothing to win or lose from us, they have seen life’s toughest battles and know that phases pass if we keep patience and stay calm in seemingly worst situations.

The key to obtaining such wisdom is listening with an open mind and not just ears. At the same time we should not stop ourselves from analyzing the pros and cons of applying the suggestions that we get from them. There can be a few errors because of the information and scenarios presented to get opinions from others. We aometimes are not absolutely truthful in complaining, we are biased. The only one who knows this is our selves.

So before acting on the suggestions we should really understand the deeper consequences which should be positive for your largerlife picture.

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looking for answers!!

I read self help inspirational books to get some hints on how to deal with life on a daily basis.

Sometimes you just don’t get answer to the questions that life throws. It gets extremely difficult,annoying, and hard to bear that we do not know where to go. What to do.

Talking to friends helps and calms most of us a great deal. But until we do not find a purpose and goal in life, the entangled life will get worse.

I discovered this great wisdom (surely for me) that when we have a larger purpose to fulfill, the trivial things that keep bothering us do not matter that much anymore. When you are directing energies in a positive direction, and season your mind to stop thinking of the people and things that hinder your growth, you feel fresh and awakened.

All this takes time but gradually you do come out of the victimised state of mind to a creator’s mindset. Your thoughts start going towards things that can make you live better when your set goal makes you most happy.

Reading books by people like Sir Richard Brason, Robin Sharma and the likes, you understand that success is achieved by your own determinations and the power you are born with. People around us try to pull us down with every opportunity as if that is the goal of their lives. When we get distracted and sad we help them fulfill the same and belittle ourselves.

In my experience and the wisdom I gained from talking to my lovely friends, reading the extremely positive and motivating books, one should stop feeding their hunger of making us vulnerable. Rather, we should create our own hunger of success to achieve what we have always wanted to – for the kids, family and ourselvea , work towards it whole heartedly, then see the results. Enjoi them as an audience and create more happiness.

As they say nothing succeeds like success, everything else will fall in place.

Its easier said than done, buy not impossible.  Let’s make ourselves happy with the vow to achieve our deep rooted dreams of making this world and our world a better place.

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A new beginning awaits!

our tenure in this location gets over in less than ten days and we shall move with bag and baggage to a new place. It will be the biggest change for my son who has fallen deeply in love with his current house. Cries in the name of packing up his toy-room and wishes to get the same huge garden in the new city. He also vowed never to move to a new school, guess he is too innocent to understand the concept of moving completely to a new place and then a new school too or he has not liked the concept of switching schools when he moved here.

all said and done, it’s an emotional shifting that takes place, his play area, friends, pool, garden, school everything will be new. For me too another new place and new set of people to deal with, besides taking care of the already difficult set of them in life ;)

looking forward to joining a paid job along with the unpaid one of being the full time mom. Hope to regain the lost importance around home, and get a little more when people can feel the absence. Mind is super fast in wandering! First I need to land in a job which I don’t see happening anytime soon, as much as I want it!

Overall we had a blessed stay in this lovely positive home and hope to get the next one too in a positive surrounding, something we can’t really decide since it’s allocated by husband’s Employer. On a side note, so much to put up with for an army officer’s family and they still don’t get the best of packages in the country! Huh!

Anyhow, enjoying the last few days in this station, packing in the first half, swimming in the evening! Love the mom-son time we get in the pool, best part is he has learnt to swim under my supervision…another milestone to my credit ;) something only he can value and no one else.

ciao people!

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