The trivial questions in life!

Today I just had a cursory look at my son and it reminded me how he looks exactly what he looked as an infant. Then people used to tell me he looks like me, and now they say he looks like his dad! I am happy with both the situations, although my hubby is on the better side ;)

So true!!

What disturbs or tickles me is how people are so worried about whom a baby/child looks like, seriously! is it so important?? Have you ever wondered whom does Obama or Bill Gates look like? Mom, Dad or grandparents?? Or is this the basis of taking big decisions where humans are involved? Quite often I have seen parents and grandparents too worried about the looks of their child! For what reason? What kind of attributes are you passing on to that child? eventually s/he will also accept the fact that facial features are more important than grace, dignity and generosity.

Ok, looks impress for the first instance that we see someone. And then it may not. What really matters is how that good or average looking person behaves with his peers, juniors, seniors, family and friends and for that matter with anybody that s/he meets. Do we forgive a beauty queen for a crime, or do we punish an average looking one for a good deed? There is no copyright issue here.

We need to move on and stop worrying and fretting over such trivial issues that help no one. Looks cannot be changed, positive attitude can be developed, qualities can be nurtured, education can be provided, talent can be honed. Looks change for the super rich and that percentage is really low in our society. The rich and the middle class are busy earning and saving money for a better future and they take pride in a happy family and social life. So let us (the rich and middle class) focus on what will grow us a beautiful society with compassionate individuals.

Looks don’t matter!!! What say?

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The Career Mom!

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Isn’t the above quote true to the T!!!

Many of the mothers reading this blog out there might be the professionally qualified ones with a career aspiration of their own. However, once the baby arrives within you, you start wondering about what next in my plan of things. how will i retain my identity if i leave my job for the little one, how will i ask for money favors from my husband for little things that I have myself taken care of, and more!

Well, I have gone through all of this and there is never an answer which fits the square hole completely. From some corners of society you will be looked upto and from some you will be terribly looked down upon for being the new “HOUSEWIFE” on the block. We need to understand if these people really matter to you and your’s child’s future. It…

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Have you, the mother, weaned?!!?

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Well, yes my question is very much in place! We the mothers never happen to really get weaned off our children, even when grand grand kids are playing around!

I truly happened to think on these lines when i saw this amazing movie “How does she do it” starring Sarah Jessica Parker. She has played the quintessential career mom to the T! If you have not watched it, go watch it today and you will get a sigh of relief that what you are doing day in and day out is getting some recognition there.

In a particular scene, the lady is in tears because she is torn between work related traveling and leaving her kids back with the daddy. the sentiments are so beautifully portrayed that you can relate to it instantly, no need to be a career mom for this :)

A Mother

We all go through this on a…

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And the cute advices…

I wrote about worries my little one has.

Yesterday when I was going to visit my dentist, I was told by my son to be careful, don’t touch the tools of the doctor, they are dangerous :)

what a lovely, caring thought!


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Lil cute worries!

My 3.5 yr old son is growing fast with lot of queries and worries as all kids do. Lately his questions have become very interesting and difficult for us to answer convincingly.

few days back, he noticed the tiny hair growth on his cute arms, while bathing. And sounded so alarmed by their presence. He kept on asking us how will his hair go away, I don’t want hair on my hands. Well, somehow we managed to convince him that his wishes will come true someday ;-)

the next one came pretty soon! His question was why are his hands growing long!! This continued to be a concern for a couple of days before he moved onto his next genuine concern regarding his dad’s hairy hands :P

he is he’ll bent on removing all the hair from hubby’s arms…let’s hope he doesn’t succeed!

Then came a serious worry about his front teeth which have disappeared gradually (4 of them) because of some infection he had at age 1 year. We are really sad about it that he has continue with the hollow look for next few years and he is worried why the mouse took away his teeth. He himself can feel the void and then comes to me with his concern. So far it has been handled well, but I just hope it doesn’t become a personality issue with him as he grows in his school years.

All this adds a lot of humor and fun to our day today life, at the same time it’s also telling me subtly that my baby is growing fast and all I have to do is watch him grow and he will walk into the world with his dreams. It’s a tough imagination but that is what life is about! May God be there for him!

ciao…love to all ur kids :)

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Learning of the day!

Today I had an amazing reunion session with friends. They were so warm and nice. Love them even more and miss them a lot!

The simplicity with which they met was incredible, I also tried to be my normal self. Meeting people after 18 long years can be a little intimidating as well :)

The best take away or learning of today’s meeting was my small interaction with a friend’s autistic child. I met an autistic child for the first time as an adult And thankfully as a parent. The innocence and inquisitiveness on his face is something I will never ever forget. Lovely!

I don’t know how they react to situations, I have never dug into the topic earlier, but now I am going to do something about it. I think he liked me and so out of 3 new people, he came to me to play in his own sweet way. Unfortunately I was intimidated by his curiosities that made me say that I am scared a bit.

And that’s it. I am trying to digest this idiotic act of mine which I didn’t say to hurt parents. They are friends, were awesome hosts. I don’t know why I said such an irresponsible comment for him. I am ashamed and want to do something that can compensate my mistake. although the parents are cool and we even interacted normally for hours after the slip of toungue.

i am a person who is careful with words, but sometimes my mind chooses to ditch me and I did this glaring blunder.

Learning:  Now I know that when I go to attend events with special children or people I must do some research before going. To know what to say when and how to react. Internet should be used to a make me aware of expectations from both the parties.

i am feeling too guilty, and I have decided to do something that covers up this for my conscience even if the parents ignored it for my good.

May god bless them nd their children with a long nd happy life ahead!

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Refreshing vacation!

So I have been on a family trip for last one week and so far it has been good. Did some shopping, played with kids, did some more baby sitting, had some good discussions and spent quality time with hubby despite having his folks around. We also played some Holi, an annual colorful indian festival. my son also got introduced to the festival but didn’t like getting all coloured! Maybe next year he will be better off with colouring people and getting coloured himself!

Tomorrow I have planned to catch up with 4-5 school friends, will have to travel for about 1.5 hrs one way. But I guess, it’s so worth it. We don’t get into such coincidental travels very often. And the memories will be forever. Although I don’t like taking so much pain, but am so much interested in creating lovely memories that I shall cherish for a long time. Also, meeting people after 18 years should be something very very interesting. Nervous? Yeah!

have some more to look forward to on this trip, let’s hope it materialises and I shall post it all here as soon as I am free.

ciao…take care!

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